Bhuvanagiri Fort, Nalgonda, Telangana.
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Bhuvanagiri Fort, TS.

Saleshwaram Telangana Amarnath Yatra
Saleshwaram Temple
Nallamalla Forest, Mahabubnagar.
Bhuvanagiri Fort, Nalgonda.
Bhuvanagiri Fort, Nalgonda, Telangana.
How To Reach
Form City          Via                              Distance (kms)
Hyderabad Ghatkesar - Bibinagar   45 kms
Karimnagar Siddipet - Kolanpaka - Aleru 144 kms
Nalgonda Bogaram - Valigonda   81 kms
Nizamabad Kamareddy-Tupran-Medchal-Keesara-Ghakesar 190 kms
Vijayawada Suryapet - Rammanapet - Valigonda 242 kms
Warangal Jangam - Aleru   96 kms

Bhongir Fort was built on an isolated monolithic rock by the Western Chalukya ruler Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI

and was thus named after him as Tribhuvanagiri. This name gradually became Bhuvanagiri and subsequently

Bhongir. At the foot of the fortified rocks 609.6 meters above the sea level stands the town of Bhongir, it has a unique

egg-shaped construction with two entry points protected by huge rocks, so the fort was considered practically

impregnable by invading armies.

The splendid historical fort with the awe-inspiring rock and the aesthetically fortified courts which have stood the ravages

of time stir the imagination of tourists. A moat that encircles the fort, a vast underground chamber, trap doors, an

armoury, stables, ponds, wells etc., make for fascinating viewing. The view from the top of the surrounding countryside

is simply breathtaking. The Bala Hisar or citadel on the top of the hill gives a bird's eye view of the neighbouring area.

The fort is associated with the rule of the heroic queen Rudramadevi and her grandson Prataparudra. Rumour has it

that there once was an underground corridor connecting Bhongir Fort to Golconda Fort.

This beautiful Town is strategically located around the 'Bhongir Hill'. The Hill has a fort built in the period of the King

Vikramaditya. The Hill is more than 500 feet high spread about 40 acres. The old steps from bottom of the Hill to the Top

are still intact. One can have a great experience by climbing the hill and having a bird's view of the Town and surrounding

Villages. The Hill also has a 'Hanuman Temple' on it. The Stone Hill also have few Ponds on top it. One such pond is

shown in side photo. The Town is Famous for its Beetle Leaves, Pottery and textiles.

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Loddi Mallaiah Temple in Nallamalla Forest
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