Beechupally Hanuman Temple, Mahabubnagar Tourism, TS.
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Beechupally Temple, TS.   

Saleshwaram Telangana Amarnath Yatra
Saleshwaram Temple
Nallamalla Forest, Mahabubnagar.
Beechupally Hanuman Temple, Mahabubnagar Tourism, TS.
Beechupally Hanuman Temple, Mahabubnagar Tourism, TS. Beechupally Hanuman Temple, Mahabubnagar Tourism, TS. Beechupally Hanuman Temple, Mahabubnagar Tourism, TS.      
How To Reach Beechupally
Form City          Via                              Distance (kms)
Hyderabad Jedcherla - Kothakota 167 kms
Kadapa Mydukur - Nandyal - Kurnool 246 kms
Kurnool Alampur cross Road 47 kms
Mahabubnagar Annasagar - Kothakota 77 kms
Nandyal Kurnool - Alampur cross Road 120 kms
Srisailam Mannanur - Achampet - Nagarkurnool-Wanparti 200 kms
Vikarabad Shadnagar - Jedcherla - Kothakota 180 kms

Beechupally is one of the famous shrines for the god Hanuman (anjaneya swamy). It is located on the banks of Krishna

River at about 30 kilometers downstream after Jurala Project in MahabubNagar district, Telangana.

The development of the shrine has been augmented by the passage of national highway (NH7) through the village. A

road bridge built in 1950s helped trading between Telangana and Rayalaseema regions of the Andhra Pradesh. The

bridge was one of the first connections between central/north India and south India.

Initially, the shrine consisted a Hanuman temple about 200 meters away from the river and a Shiva lingam temple near

the river. During the rainy season, the water flow becomes high enough to touch the Shiva lingam temple. A temple for

Lord Rama was also built in the area in 1992. For the convenience of devotees, several ghats were built for pushkara

snanam, a sacred bath that takes place every 12 years. Since then its development continued to expand. In 2004

pushkaras, the shrine was developed with greater facilities making it one of the major places for pushkara snanam

(sacred dip).

The Beechupally shrine is near two islands on the Krishna River. A larger island (Gurram Gadda village) is about 10 kmĀ²

area is populated with farmers due to its soil fertility. A smaller island on the east side is called Nizam Konda (port

belongs to Nizam Nawabs).

SHIVA LINGAM Found at Rachakonda Fort

Loddi Mallaiah Temple in Nallamalla Forest
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